I am here to empower you and give you the tools to dig deep into your truth, make sense of your experiences and drive purposeful and meaningful growth towards who you want to be.

Coaching for individuals

From professional to personal, we face challenges in many aspects of our lives every day. External changes demand our reaction while we often feel we lack the time to stop, breathe, process and reconnect with our purpose to actively shape the changes we would wish to bring in our lives.

I support you in focusing on the areas most important to you, where the most value can be unlocked. Using ORSC™ and other tools, we work together to empower you to rediscover joy, purpose and identity, to make sense of your experience and mindfully initiate positive growth towards the next chapter of your journey.

Team Coaching

In 2021, businesses are facing more challenges and changes today than ever before. With focus on fire-fighting mode, safeguarding processes and agility to keep the business afloat, ‘soft changes’ are often taking a back seat. Company culture or how people relate to each other and to their tasks, lies largely beneath the surface but impacts every aspect of the working life – including how effectively any actual change can be implemented.

Coaching can support process- and structural changes, unlock hidden challenges and strengthen the capabilities of a team or multiple departments to work better together as a system and give them the tools to be more proactive in dealing with challenges together.

Partnerships Coaching

From homeschooling juggling with home office, to seeing loved ones not enough - or seeing them 24/7 - relationships are undergoing more and new challenges today. And still, the right relationship is nowhere more important than in your home and family.

Experience coaching together as a family or a couple, and learn new tools for better communication, bring back (or more) playfulness, compassion and partnership more strongly.

Navigating career change

Going through a career change or planning on making one? There are many challenges when entering a new career chapter – especially when it’s a bigger change of profession, industry, or country. With the help of ORSC™ and other methodologies, I’ll work with you to:
·  Identify the full breadth of your transferrable skills and competences
·  Reevaluate your purpose and explore how (career) success looks for you
·  Dig deeper into all the tools that will help you make the change and thrive once you're there


Teams in transformation

Corona and an increasingly unpredictable business environment is putting more and more pressure on teams and organizations. Most react with process and org structure changes – but digging deeper into the expertise of both leader levels and teams can make the big difference from a slow, difficult change to a faster, more efficient and less painful transformation.
With diverse Change management methodologies and Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™), we work together to:
·  Identify your team’s and organisation’s deeper, transferrable strengths and utilize them to make the desired transformation more easily and effectively
·  Identify underlying company culture pain points that are slowing your transformation – and give teams the tools to work through those and move into a more efficient, truly collaborative workflow


Identity and change

When faced with major life changes – career, family, children, country – we have to deal with new and unknown challenges. Our identity is often confronted by those transformations as we ask ourselves – who am I now and how can I navigate this new chapter? With the support of ORSC™ and other coaching tools, I will help you to:
·  Honour your past experience and intentionally choose what you want to bring forward with you, what to let go of and what is new that you will have to learn in order to move forward gracefully
·  Explore how the change impacts different aspects of your life including your relationship with yourself and others, and learn how to navigate those changes more skillfully
·  Reconnect with your core values while you explore how your identity is evolving to embrace new aspects and let go of what is no longer serving you

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